Pressure Mapping Assessments

What is a pressure map?

Pressure mapping is the measurement and visualisation of pressure and its distribution between a person and the surface they are in contact with. This technology is made up of a high-tech, thin, flexible and semiconductor sensor. Pressure mapping can be completed by a qualified Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist.

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Who can benefit from pressure mapping technology?

Participants who are at risk of pressure injuries include, but are not limited to those who experience;

  • Altered sensation
  • Limited mobility
  • Poor skin condition
  • Poor nutrition
  • Incontinence
  • Poor circulation

How can pressure mapping support you?

Pressure mapping can be used to ensure that the best assistive technology option is supplied for a person to prevent pressure injuries. It is best used whilst trialing different seating surfaces, like cushions, to accurately determine pressure and therefore reduce the risk of a pressure injury.

Following the assessment a report is generated which acts as evidence that can be supplied to NDIS, to advocate for the most suitable assistive technology for your needs.

Where does Kern provide pressure mapping assessments?

Our qualified occupational therapists and physiotherapists can provide pressure mapping assessments across our usual mobile therapy locations from Bull Creek to Mandurah and surrounding suburbs. Visit our mobile therapy page below to view the areas we service.

Enquire now!

To enquire about pressure mapping, please call our friendly Client Engagement Team on 1300 122 155 or, alternatively, click on the button below to complete an online referral form for yourself or your loved one.

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