Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA)

What is a Functional Capacity Assessment (FCA)?

A FCA is a tool used to provide a snapshot in time of a participant’s functional abilities. This is used as evidence to the NDIS of the participant’s functional need and helps to support recommendations of future need in the areas of Core Support, Capacity Building Supports and Capital Supports for assistive technology and complex home modifications.

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What do we look at?

  • History of disability
  • Medical and social history
  • Formal and informal supports
  • Home environment
  • Review current assistive technology
  • Personal activities of daily living
  • Domestic activities of daily living
  • Mobility and physical function
  • Communication and interpersonal skills
  • Self-management skills
  • Cognition and learning skills
  • Employment and education
  • Leisure and recreation

When should a FCA be completed?

  • It is the participant’s first plan and it has been requested in the plan as a stated support
  • It is not the participants first plan, but has been requested in the plan as a stated support
  • There has been a change in function e.g. progressive condition
  • There has been or will be a change in circumstance e.g. transitioning from school to employment

Kern Allied Health therapist with client

What do you need to get started?

  • A current NDIS plan.
  • A recent change in function
  • 20 hours of NDIS Capacity Building Daily Living funding.

Our qualified Occupational Therapists can provide FCA’s assessments across our usual mobile therapy locations from Bull Creek down to Mandurah. Visit our mobile therapy page below to view all of the areas we service.

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