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Kern Allied Health is dedicated to continuously improving our relationships, systems and services to maximise individual outcomes. We welcome all feedback and in turn provide you with the below policies and forms.

The NDIA has determined the price limits that must apply to the provision of therapy supports for participants on the NDIS. Price regulation is in place to help ensure participants receive value for money when they purchase the supports they need. Kern’s pricing reflects the current NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits. Kern’s prices may be adjusted to reflect any changes made by the NDIA and these changes will be communicated to participants.

Please see Kern Allied Health pricing, as guided by the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits, 2023-2024. Download

The NDIA has recognised the impact that short notice cancellations have on service provider sustainability and as such, allows providers to claim 100% of the agreed fee associated with the activity from the participant’s plan.

We understand that life happens and appointments need to be cancelled at short notice. However, Kern asks participants, family members and/or representatives to give a minimum of (2) clear business days’ notice to cancel a scheduled appointment to avoid a fee. If this notice period cannot be provided, Kern will claim 100% of the cost of the agreed scheduled appointment time (including any scheduled time allocated for administration and /or travel). In the event of a short notice cancellation, where possible, we will attempt to identify relevant work to support you in your NDIS goals to utilise the time effectively. Alternatively, if your therapist can book another participant in to the cancelled time slot, they will endeavour to do so, avoiding you a cancellation fee. Kern has a duty of care to its participants and therefore in the event of multiple cancellations, we will support and work with you to reduce, avoid or minimise cancellations where possible.

Kern welcomes all feedback and sees it as an opportunity to learn and improve our service. Please take a few minutes to complete this online evaluation form either anonymously or not. Give your feedback here.

Kern Allied Health aims to respond and resolve feedback and complaints transparently and fairly and within an agreed timeframe. Download

We take all feedback and complaints seriously to improve our services and keep people safe. Download

A service agreement explains everything about our service and what you can expect from us in plain English. Download

To support your therapy goals, Kern keeps some information about you. We keep this information secure and you can access the information we have about you at any time by completing the form below. Download

Kern Allied Health (Kern) will respect an individual’s privacy, confidentiality and dignity in all undertakings and ensure that any information collected or disclosed in the course of providing therapy supports is kept confidential. Download