Kern Update – August 2022

Kern Newsletter Update

Welcome to August 2022’s Kern Newsletter. We’re pleased to share with you some recent company updates and changes that will be effective from 1st September 2022.

Travel charges update

If you have chosen mobile therapy as the most convenient way to receive supports, in line with NDIS guidelines, Kern charges you the actual time taken to travel and from your chosen location. This travel time is based on the same hourly rate as the therapy supports provided.

NDIS allows for a maximum travel charge up to 60 minutes. Kern had previously chosen to charge to a maximum of 30 minutes travel. However, to allow us to continue to service a greater area, from 1st September 2022, Kern will increase our travel allowance up to a maximum of 60 minutes (up to 30 minutes to and 30 minutes return travel).

Due to changes in participants availability, which can influence mobile therapists’ daily scheduling, the travel time for your session may vary. However, to reduce costs, we will split travel charges amongst participants seen within the same region, where possible.

In addition to the therapist’s time, the NDIS allows service providers to charge participants up to $0.97 a kilometre. However, Kern has chosen not to pass on these additional transport costs to participants.

NDIS audit outcome

Earlier this year, Kern underwent an external audit conducted by SAI Global, a requirement of the NDIS Commission.

The aim of the audit is to ensure that Kern provides a consistent, quality experience for participants, their families and support network. Essentially, the auditors ensure that Kern provides quality and safe therapy supports. The NDIS audit process involved randomly sampled participant interviews, staff interviews, and a review of our internal systems and policies and procedures.

We are pleased to share with you that Kern not only “passed” the audit, but had no areas of non-conformity, meaning SAI Global auditors were not able to identify any areas of Kern that required improvement. Whilst this is a great outcome for Kern, we are never complacent and are constantly striving to improve our service delivery to enable us to provide a different and better experience for our participants and their families.

Feedback and complaints

One way for Kern to improve our service delivery is by actively seeking feedback from our participants and their families. All feedback is welcome, and helps us to learn and improve the way that we provide the supports that matter most to you. You can provide feedback by:

Updated service agreement

From 1st September 2022, our service agreements will provide some additional information for participants, such as:

  • What if there is a community emergency?
  • Declaration of medical or health issues
  • Safeguarding around Dysphagia
  • Our 10 day ‘cooling off’ period
  • Student Practicum at Kern
  • Travel charges update
  • Guidance around reshceduling / cancelling appointments

You will receive a service agreement upon commencement with Kern and following all plan renewals.