Commission a team with proven commitment, capability and expertise

  • Rigorously selected and clinically supported team of health professionals
  • Unique service provision model, increasing quality, flexibility and efficiency
  • 10-year full-service contract with Peel Health Campus currently operated by Ramsay Health Care
  • Complete and managed service provision to 11 aged care facilities throughout WA
  • An expanding program of community access services across the lifespan

Meet our Senior Executive Team

Mark Kerns, Founder/Managing Director

Building high performing teams, staying client-focused, and finding effective new solutions to everyday challenges.


  • Physiotherapy BSc, Curtin University 1997
  • Graduate Diploma in Feldenkrais 2009
  • Held Senior Physio and Clinical Lead positions at hospitals in WA and UK 2000 – 2005
  • Founded Kern Health 2006
  • Received 40 under 40 business achievement award 2016

“We can make a genuine difference to a person’s independence and their continued quality of life”

Mark 2016

I started Kern Health (formerly Coastline Physiotherapy) in 2006 to provide physiotherapy services to the Peel Health Campus in Mandurah. Since then, Kern has grown through personal referrals, to become Western Australia’s largest diversified allied health service provider. Kern is still the only outsourced private provider of physio and OT services to a public hospital in WA and have the contract to provide services in WA to Australia’s largest residential aged care provider. We have a growing program of community-based paediatric services, and also provide injury reduction and return to work services to the mining industry.
Mark Kerns standing in front of a fitness ball rack.
I enjoy the diversity of working across a number of different sectors. I love working in public health across the lifespan, due to the genuine difference we can make to a person’s independence and their continued quality of life. I also enjoy occupational health because I am fascinated by human factors and behaviours that contribute to injuries and incidents. Working across differing but interrelated sectors means we have been able to build a large and dedicated team who enjoy the career mobility and options that Kern can offer. It has also been very beneficial to adopt practices and fresh insights from one sector to another.
Mark Kerns talking to a patient


I have always been fascinated by the ingredients that contribute to building high performing teams, both in sport and in business. Ingredients such as empowerment, motivation, recognition, and creating a shared vision. I am always keen to learn from great coaches, managers and team leaders.

Besides working on the Kern team, I really enjoy being involved in client relations and developing a genuine client-centred, service-driven company.

Many of our long standing clients are large industry leaders and we have maintained these relationships in areas where allied health services are not usually outsourced or where they are highly competitive. We have enjoyed 100% client retention over the past 10 years which is something I am very proud of. I feel this has a lot to do with the team we have, and the service quality that we focus on.

Mark Kerns talking to 3 Kern Health employees.

Challenges and highlights

It is easier to maintain team culture and quality control when you are working ‘on the floor’ every day and leading a small team. As we matured and grew as an organisation, we needed to clearly define our values and make sure we recruited, inducted and embedded these in our staff so that everyone knew what this looked like in action; what was expected of them, and in turn what they could expect of other team members. This not only enabled us to grow but to meet and exceed our service promise, no matter where our staff were working.

Kern has been able to recruit and also retain some of the best therapists I have had the privilege of working with. Many of my senior staff have been with Kern since our early years, some since graduation. We have assisted and supervised many staff through their registration process and now have a well-developed graduate program. I feel that everyone shares the same core values and as enthusiastic team members they work together to get the best results for the clients they work with. All of our team have a passion for the work they do, and to develop themselves to be the best therapists they can.

I want our clients to feel confident that they are engaging a high performing team, working within their team. They can expect results.

Mark Kerns standing next to Kern Health employee Laura holding an award.

Adam Beatty, Clinical Services Manager

Committed to delivering high-quality patient care and effective team support through best practice leadership and management.


  • Physiotherapy BSc, Curtin University 2007
  • Commenced working at Kern 2007
  • Additional training – vestibular disorders
  • Clinical Services Manager at Kern 2012

“It is really satisfying to be able to provide a quality service to a facility, and to see the benefits that Kern Health can bring to an organisation”

Adam 2016

Adam talking with Mark, Kiara and Mary
I graduated from Curtin University in 2007 with a Bachelor of Science (Physiotherapy). I commenced working for Coastline Physiotherapy (now Kern Health) as a physiotherapist at the Peel Health Campus in Mandurah. I have now been with the company for over 8 years and in that time have worked in various settings including hospital, aged care, resource, private and occupational health sectors. Over the years I have developed a keen interest in vestibular disorders and have completed additional training in the area which has been very beneficial in both the hospital and private settings. In 2012 I moved into the role of clinical services manager for Kern Health. I do however get to enjoy regular clinical work with staff leave cover throughout the hospital and aged care sectors. I am currently studying further in the areas of leadership and management to help further improve the support we are able to give our staff.


I have enjoyed a long association with Kern Health. My commitment to the team is largely due to the values that the company holds. A strong emphasis is placed on providing high quality, patient centred care, which I personally hold in high regard. In addition to this there is a great deal of flexibility and opportunity within the organisation that allows varying exposure and the ability to grow and develop knowledge and skills.

The most enjoyable aspect of my time with Kern Health has been the interaction that I get to have with patients both young and old and being able to have a positive impact on their lives by helping them recover from injury, illness or simply reaching personal goals. In addition to this Kern Health prides itself on having an enthusiastic, motivated, positive team environment and the opportunity to work with like-minded people makes work very enjoyable. The commitment that Kern Health has towards providing a quality service is also something that I am very proud to be a part of. Every project or relationship that the organisation is involved in has a focus on being of the highest possible quality.

Adam smiling at camera sitting at a desk

Challenges and highlights

The greatest enjoyment for me working for Kern, is the people that I get to work with. Not only is it great being part of such a positive and motivated team as Kern Health, but also the interaction and work with staff at all of the facilities that we provide services to. It is really satisfying to be able to provide a quality service to a facility, and to see the benefits that Kern Health can bring to an organisation. The client satisfaction that we achieve as a team is very rewarding. Along with this, the patients, residents and clients that I come across are all very interesting and it is great to see the progress that they make over time.

The most challenging, but also one of the most rewarding parts of my role is learning to deal with situations that I am not familiar with quickly, and having to manage situations with staff, clients or patients, whilst ensuring that the quality of Kern Health is maintained.

Almost every day there are situations that need to be addressed, and that require different approaches or solutions. Being able to adapt and manage these to achieve the best possible outcomes for all involved is very challenging. However, every situation provides an excellent opportunity to learn new skills and develop current ones. The opportunity to learn and grow through my work both professionally and personally is one of the main things I love about my work.

The most significant insight that I have learnt from working within this industry is the importance of building relationships and being a positive influence in people’s lives. No matter what level of knowledge and skill you have, these can become irrelevant if you are unable to interact and consider the feelings and goals of each person that you come across. Being a friendly face, focusing on what is important to the patient and genuinely caring for their situation, the impact it has on them and their loved ones, is by far the the most important part of healthcare. Without this the care that can be given to a patient, resident or client is nowhere near where it has the potential to be. I find it very rewarding to have the opportunity to make a positive difference in someone’s life. I frequently see patients and their families, years down the track. To be able to hear about the progress they have made is the best highlight there is.

Adam sitting at a meeting with Mark

Mary Romo, Senior Occupational Therapist

Bringing evidence-based insights, protocols and solutions to support individuals of all ages to overcome challenges and reach potential.


  • Occupational Therapy, BSc, Cebu Doctors’ University, Philippines 2002
  • Specialising in physical and intellectual disabilities in children
  • Degree conversion Curtin University 2008
  • Commenced working at Kern 2008

“It is a great pleasure to be able to impart to a person a positive attitude towards their situation, and to see them happily working towards their independence.”

Mary 2016

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy from Cebu Doctors’ University in 2002. The first 4 years of my career, I worked at a paediatric clinic, specialising in physical and intellectual disabilities in children. In 2007, I made a decision to migrate to Australia.
The first year I came over, I had to go back to University to take up a degree conversion at Curtin University. That experience changed my perspective on my career path. It opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me. In 2008, I landed a job at Kern Health. It was so different from what I was doing in the past. It gave me the opportunity to work with younger and older adults. For the past 9 years with Kern Health, I was able to work with a diverse age group of clients in acute, subacute, community and residential aged care setting.
Mary working with a patient


I find this work very inspiring. It feels good to make a difference by contributing to improving a person’s quality of life: It is a great pleasure to be able to impart to a person a positive attitude towards their situation and to see them happily working towards their independence.

Mary working with a patient

Challenges and highlights

It is a true highlight when I meet a client or a family member who expresses appreciation for what I have done for them.

Working in a rapidly growing, ageing population can be challenging. You often see the same patient coming and going with the same problem. You often see older adults struggling to keep their independence at home.
However, the challenging part is what makes the job more stimulating; the more it makes me want to strive more to learn and improve as an Occupational Therapist. The more we learn and practice the more insights and more solutions we can employ to help people.

Mary smiling at the camera

Kiara Hay, Senior Physiotherapist

Experienced across workplace OHS, aged care, falls prevention and cardiorespiratory rehabilitation, and passionate about teamwork.


  • Physiotherapy, BSc. Notre Dame University 2013
  • Hygiene technician for OccHealth
  • Experience in OHS, in resources industry
  • Started at Peel Health Campus 2013 – ongoing
  • Experience in Aged Care, Bedingfeld Park 2015
  • Cardiorespiratory Level 1 training 2016

“I value pride and professionalism in the work I carry out on a daily basis, and enjoy the variety of patients, the young and the elderly, I am privileged to see within my role”

Kiara 2016

Kiara smiling for the camera
Throughout my study as a physiotherapist, I worked part time as a hygiene technician, carrying out Respirator and Ear Plug Fit testing on a variety of industrial sites, including Rio Tinto, BP, BHP Billiton, Alcoa and a number of contracting companies.
As an undergraduate I had experience in a number of tertiary, secondary and rural hospitals as well as private practice. I have completed my role as a physiotherapist within the hospital setting on a rotational basis, with exposure in a variety of areas including surgical, maternity and medical wards, musculoskeletal outpatients, paediatrics and rehabilitation.

Since working at the Peel Health Campus, I have been involved in a number of professional and department development programs, including the role out of the ‘Enhanced Recovery Program’ for orthopaedics and the “Post Shoulder Surgery Rehabilitation Class’. During 2015, I spent a period of time working in aged care at Bedingfeld Park Incorporated, developing and carrying out the pain management program and therapy programs to assist in maintaining resident’s mobility and quality of life. I have recently taken on a senior role at the Peel Health Campus, whilst carrying out my daily roles on the medical ward. More recently I have represented physiotherapy in the Peel Health Campus Pressure Injuries and Falls Prevention Management committee, where I report on physiotherapy based requirements. I have a keen interest in cardiorespiratory patients and endeavour to offer a more extensive care and rehabilitation programs for respiratory patients treated at the Peel Health Campus.

Kiara and Mark showing an award to the camera


I am a very active and enthusiastic sports person, and place a huge value on family virtues. Kern has been very flexible and supportive throughout my career and our close-knit team all share the same values, making work life very enjoyable.

I value pride and professionalism in the work I carry out on a daily basis, and enjoy the variety of patients, the young and the elderly, I am privileged to see within my role.

I believe no challenge is too hard, and know I have support from my team whenever I bring new ideas to the table, no matter how hard the challenge may seem. The enjoyment I have coming to work and feeling as though I am supported in the role I do each day is an invaluable attribute that Kern Health offers consistently.

Kiara, Mark, Adam and Mary talking

Challenges and highlights

As an undergraduate I was fortunate enough to have experienced a placement here at the Peel Health Campus under the guidance of my now colleagues. The team environment is an invaluable aspect of Kern and has been for many of years. The core values Kern holds are in sync with the beliefs I hold of what makes you a successful therapist and an enjoyable work college. Having pride in the work you carry out day to day is enabled, with the constant support and guidance from our team of allied health staff. Working within a regional hospital, we are exposed to a variety of patients and conditions, which at times can be challenging, but with a team of enthusiastic members, with a variety of experience, we continue to provide a high quality of patient centered-care. The diversity in the workplace allows me to set challenges for myself in each rotation, and it has been rewarding, as a therapist, to see my own growth and progression, which has always been highly supported by Kern Health.

If I were asked what to expect from working within this industry at Kern Health, I would proudly quote Vince Lombardi (American Football Coach), “the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary”. But to be so well supported, within any industry is hard to come by, and allows you to excel in the workplace to achieve your own personal goals. At Kern Health I am proud to wear my shirt each day and call myself part of this team. Your ideas will never be frowned upon and you will have every opportunity to seek your passion with complete guidance and support.

Kiara and another Kern employee helping a patient

Alana Walsh, Paediatric Occupational Therapist

Working to promote optimal enablement, and active engagement for all children within their places of living, learning, and play.


  • Occupational Therapy, BSc, Curtin University 2014
  • Paediatric OT since 2014
  • Commenced at Kern 2016

“I am passionate about engaging and enabling children in order for each child to reach their fullest potential”

Alana 2016

Working as a Paediatric Occupational Therapist, since 2014, I have gained experience with many different areas of childhood and adolescent therapy, from mild developmental delays, through to diagnosed disorders with complex healthcare needs.
I work on a daily basis with children, parents and teachers, to enhance sensory processing, fine/gross motor skills, social regulation, handwriting ability, toileting, meal time management, and many other areas of development.
Alana talking to a child drawing on a whiteboard


I get tremendous enjoyment from working with children, as I love the energy and enthusiasm they have for learning. I am passionate about engaging and enabling children in order for each child to reach their fullest potential, to be able to achieve fulfilment throughout their life span.

I would like to see Occupational Therapy assessments become compulsory for all children in Kindergarten. It would be great if each school could have their own OT on site a minimum of one day a week. Also, I would like to see the promotion of more active engagement, within the community, for children. It is important to focus on the need to modify the environment, not the child, in order to promote optimal engagement for a child, within their place of living and learning.

Alana working with a child and his mother

Challenges and Highlights

It is a real highlight to see the smiles on the children’s faces when they achieve their goals, and also I enjoy hearing about the world, as seen through a child’s eyes.

Every child is different. Different things motivate them and different strategies work for them. It’s always a challenge finding what works for each individual, but it’s a challenge I willing embrace.

Alana smiling at the camera holding childrens books

Cliantha Govender, Speech Pathologist

Bringing a team approach to working with children of all abilities, using fun, interesting, and effective, evidence-base techniques.


  • Speech Pathologist, BSc 2015.
  • Speech, Language, Fluency, Voice and Literacy
  • Complex communication needs, deficits and disorders
  • Rehabilitation from stroke, trauma, injury and disease

“Every step of the journey is exciting, especially when the child says his or her first words.”

Cliantha 2017

Cliantha with child
Having graduated in 2015, as a Speech Pathologist, I gained experience working with children and adults within community, rural, educational and hospital settings. I have also provided services to children and adults with complex communication needs, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and cognitive difficulties. I have had the privilege of gaining experience in the hospital setting with adults presenting with Stroke, Traumatic brain injury and Progressive Neurological Disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease and Dementia.


When working with clients I value the importance of incorporating the best up-to-date, evidence-based, therapy techniques. I also place an emphasis on a holistic approach, ensuring I evaluate the difficulties that the client presents in the clinic, but also look at the overall effects of these difficulties and the functioning of the client in their everyday environment.

I believe in a family centred approach, ensuring that families, parents, teachers, or significant others, are involved in every step of the journey. I always aim to improve both communication and quality of life for my clients.

I know that the values that I hold, to provide the best patient care, are also valued by the allied health staff at Kern Health. I am proud to be part of the Kern Health team.

I also feel supported within the team and know that any ideas or new treatment approaches that I bring to the team will be duly considered. I think these aspects are essential when providing the best patient-centred care.

Cliantha with child

Challenges and highlights

I find my work in paediatrics extremely rewarding. I get to see each child grow and achieve their goals through fun, innovative therapy ideas. Every step of the journey is exciting, especially when the child says his or her first words. When a child achieves their goal, both child and parent light up, and that just makes my day!

I love the fact that each client is not the same. Having lots of little different personalities means my day is interesting and never dull. It is exciting to know that, after working with and empowering teachers and parents, goals are not only achieved in my sessions but at home or at school.

The best part of my job is going through the journey with the clients and their families and seeing each milestone achieved. However, finding motivations or activities that the clients engage with in order to achieve these goals is sometimes challenging. Especially with the Early Years. However, I love taking on this challenge and being creative. After all, creativity comes along with the job title!

Cliantha with child

Samantha Houston, Senior Occupational Therapist

Experienced and skilled in delivering high quality, client-centred care to acute, sub-acute and outpatients, at Peel Health Campus, Mandurah.


  • Occupational Therapy, BSc, Curtin University, 2014
  • Commenced working at Kern 2015
  • Senior Occupational Therapist at Kern, 2017

“The satisfaction and joy of seeing individuals achieve their goals is a feeling like no other.”

Samantha 2017

Since commencing as an occupational therapist with Kern Health, at Peel Health Campus, I have gained skills and experience across many clinical areas of occupational therapy within the acute and sub-acute settings. As an undergraduate, I had experience across a variety of settings including tertiary and secondary hospitals, outpatient mental health and paediatrics.

More recently I have had an increased involvement and commitment to the development of the department within the hospital setting, as a Senior Occupational Therapist. I have gained a keen interest in the areas of paediatrics and neuro-rehabilitation, and hope to continue to gain knowledge and experience within these areas.

Samantha with child


Working within a team that upholds many of my personal values drives the motivation and pride within my work. The respect and compassion, shown not only towards our patients, but towards each other within the Kern team allows us to deliver nothing but quality care to each individual. Kern Health provides a supportive and encouraging team environment which makes working as a therapist much more enjoyable.

The most important insight I have gained, working as a health professional and occupational therapist, is the importance of taking a client centred approach. We may identify various barriers and limitations to a client’s function. However, maintaining a relationship with the client, and focussing on their needs and goals, brings greater motivation for the individual to achieve their goals, and improves their quality of life.

Samantha with child

Challenges and Highlights

The thing I love most about working as an occupational therapist is the impact we can make to people’s lives, on a daily basis, no matter how big or small. The satisfaction and joy of seeing individuals achieve their goals is a feeling like no other. Assisting an individual in achieving their goals, enabling participation in occupations, and improving their quality of life, is what drives my passion.

Every individual we work with presents a different challenge. Being able to adapt as a therapist, think on your feet, and provide each individual with the greatest opportunities to fulfil their goals is what drives my constant development, growth, and ongoing learning as a therapist. Overcoming everyday challenges always highlights, to me, the importance of client centred care.

Samantha with child