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Therapy teams with specialist knowledge and understanding.

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Respect, compassion and teamwork

The desire to make a difference is what brought this team together.

Benefit from your allied health care professionals working together as a team

Effective therapy teams support and reinforce each other’s strategies. Through communication and an expanded clinical viewpoint, Kern delivers integrated care plans that ensure the best outcomes.

Kern’s multi-disciplinary approach helps each individual client to realise their own potential, through:

  • A culture built on values
  • Person and family-centred approach
  • Experienced leadership 
  • Evidence-based practice

“I feel extremely fortunate to lead a team of dedicated therapists, where success comes from making every decision in the best interest of our client.”

Mark Kerns

Managing Director

You’ll be in good company when you choose Kern Allied Health.

What Our Clients Say

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"I would strongly recommend Mark and his team as a partner in health care. They always treated the patient, not the disease."

Di Barr

Executive Director, AKG
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"Kern not only provide excellent standards of clinical care, service flexibility and accountability, but their caring and compassionate staff have integrated into our values-based operations, with very strong cultural alignment."

Margaret Sturdy

Director of Medical Services at Peel Health Campus
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"Right from the first call, the Kern team were amazing and have put Micah’s needs first. They have gone over and above to help us in supporting Micah to communicate, to take part and to live the best life he can."

Sue Agostino

Client and Mother
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"I can still remember that sinking feeling when the school told me my child was struggling, but nobody could tell me why. On meeting the team at Kern, I was absolutely blown away by the care, passion and warmth we received. I finally felt like somebody could help us."

Jo Nothling

Client and Mother